Mrinal initially trained as an engineer and worked in the oilfields of Egypt, UAE and Kuwait. The search for something more soul satisfying led him to study Motion Picture Photography at the Film & Television Institute of India.
He now works on a variety of projects across the globe – doing feature films, TV commercials and documentaries on practically every cinematic medium.
Mrinal’s last feature film, ‘Court’ was an astounding critical success winning 19 awards internationally including 2 Lions at the 2014 Venice International Film Festival, Golden Lotus for Best Film at the 2015 National Awards and Best Cinematography at the 2Morrow Film Festival, Moscow. He was second unit Cinematographer on Danny Boyle’s 2009 multi Oscar winning ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. His other features include Amit Dutta’s ‘Nainsukh’ and Pryas Gupta’s ‘Siddharth’.
His documentary credits include the Tribeca and HotDocs winner for 2012, ‘The World Before Her’ directed by Nisha Pahuja, the Emmy nominated, ‘Terror in Mumbai’ (BAFTA winner 2010) & ‘The Battle for Haiti’ (BAFTA winner 2011) both directed by Dan Reed. Other films with Reed include ‘Terror at the Mall’ (BAFTA nomination 2015), ‘The Ground Zero Mosque’ (Channel 4/PBS) and ‘Children of the Tsunami’ (BBC/SWR).
Mrinal is based in Toronto & Mumbai.
He spends his free time with friends & family, sitting and serving on Vipassana courses, and being close to nature.