Mrinal Desai


‘The Day the Sun Fell’ premieres at Locarno 2015. More about the film here. TeaserĀ here.


“Terror at the Mall” nominated for Current Affairs BAFTA.

“Dan Reed’s film for theĀ This World strand is some sort of terrible masterpiece. It’s like watching the planes crash into the World Trade Centre and listening to the accounts of the survivors : it transfixes you with such appalled and disbelieving horror that you almost forget to breathe.”


Nisha Pahuja’s ‘The World Before Her’ releasing in theaters across India on June 6. After a successful kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its India campaign ‘The World Before Her’ will get its theatrical release in India on June 6th. Later in the year the…

June 2014 : ‘The World Before Her’ releasing on June 6